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Pro JobEval

Is a tool that allows for the implementation into the company of a fair and competitive pay policy. Moreover, it allows for the definition, for each position, of the following elements :

  • Job Evaluation: This document contains, among other elements, the job’s mission statement, success indicators, responsibilities (budgets, management of workflows…) and required competencies (in terms of both know-how and behavior). This form is accessible to the job’s incumbent and does not include any aspect related to the calculation of the job’s value.

  • Job Fonction: This document includes all the qualitative aspects of the job description, as well as the quantitative aspects linked to the job’s value, which is expressed in terms of points. It thus lays the foundation for a compensation system based on competencies and assumed responsibilities. It is only accessible to the system’s administrators.

  • List of Duties: The list of duties presents the job’s mission statement, while precisely defining all the activities involved, as well as the required competencies and assumed responsibilities. Moreover, the list of duty should precise what is specifically asked of the person who occupies the position at the present moment, rather than limit itself to general expectations. Moreover, it should take both the company’s mission statement and culture into account.

  • Goals Contract: This document is particularly useful in project management, as it allows the different project partners to formalize a written agreement on the conditions under which the project is considered to be feasible. For each of the position’s axes of responsibility, the corresponding competencies (in terms of knowledge, know-how and behavior) will have to be defined, so that development goals may be set and a training plan established when gaps are observed. Finally, the completion of development goals is monitored thanks to the corresponding success indicators.

  • Yearly Appraisals: This yearly assessment of the collaborator’s skills and performance allows identifying the difficulties encountered in the past year and setting development goals accordingly. In addition to this, Pro JobEval keeps track of past assessments, thus allowing for the monitoring of both the collaborators’ and managers’ evolution along time.