Normative tests

Our normative tests provide a calibrated, quantified and statistically validated information. They are exclusively accessible to companies that meet our requirements in terms of training and ethics.

Evaskills Leadership Trends

This test allows to perform an audit of an individual’s present strengths and weaknesses over 36 key criteria. It particularly suits the selection and assessment of managers and top managers.

Evaskills Leadership Trends delivers a quantified information on 36 criteria that are critical to the individual’s personal, relational and professional dimensions, and provides a comparison with a population of reference. The average duration of the test is of c.a. 60 minutes.

Evaskills Intelligence Trends

This test represents a powerful tool for the quantitative auditing of both an individual’s cognitive and relational forms of intelligence.

Evaskills Intelligence Trends measures 40 forms of intelligence over 10 dimensions. The average duration of the test is of c.a. 70 minutes.

Evaskills Motivation Trends

This test is specifically designed for the assessment of motivation on a given workplace at a given time. It allows to assess whether an individual feels at ease in his/her present occupation within the company.

Evaskills Motivation delivers information on 12 criteria, in addition to an indication of compatibility with the current position. The average duration of the test is of c.a. 20 minutes.